Here Are Some Little Known Rodent Facts

When we talk of rodents, most people feel that they are rats and mice only. Well, rodents come in too many variations. They are rats, possums, squirrels, and so many others. People do not know too many things about rodents. Well, if you read the following information, you will know what type of rodents are there and how you can find the relevant information about them.

rodent control
rodent control
  1. Rodents want comfort and food and hence they come to your home

You must keep your home rodent-proof. They might be everywhere and may even be present on your premise. When they get into the cluttered place, they would start staying there. They will find comfort there and then they will stay there for food and shelter. If you make the environment hostile and if they do not get food and comfort, they will leave the place. Thus, you can call for pest solutions and that will help you to find the best options.

  1. Usually, rodents are found everywhere except for Antarctica

If you want to know where rodents are found and where they live then you should know that they live in urban areas, rural areas, mountains, and even on terrains. In winters they would want to hibernate.

  1. Rodents have different life spans

When we talk of rodents, you may feel that they will all have the same life span. But actually, they have different life spans. A rat may live for 1 year. A hamster may live for 10 years and a naked mole rat may live for 30 years.

  1. Rodents may spread harmful diseases

Rodents may spread diseases and this can be mainly due to the germs and bacteria they carry. They live in filth and their body may have lice and other types of little insects. They would then spread diseases and illnesses.

  1. Many animals and birds eat rodents

The rodents have such size that they often become prey for many animals and birds. Thus, many carnivore animals and birds have an eye on rodents.

  1. Know about the largest rodent

The semi-aquatic Capybara is the largest rodent of all.

The above information will not help much in pest removal but yes, these are quite amazing facts that one might not know. Lemmings, Chinchillas, Groundhogs, Marmots, etc are many other names that you felt were just the animals and not the rodents. But yes, they are rodents.


People always consider rats as a rodent. Yes, rats are rodents. But there are many other types of rodents too. In the homes, you will have some specific rodent issues as in possums and rats. You can call for rodent control solutions and this will help you to get the best solutions. You need to find someone who is professional and can offer you the best ideas. It would be tough to get rid of the rodents on your own. But yes, you will have to take some tips and then get ahead. This will give you the best solution. 

Do You Reside In Bellara And Want To Get Rid Of Pest Issues?

Pest Control Bellara

Pest considers as the topmost worker around the globe and sometimes they continue to work even during odd hours. However, they become active during the summer season and come from unknown places to make your life filled with stress.

Every homeowner admires residing in pest-free surroundings but many of them do not know the right ways for removing them effectively. Moreover, if you desire to eliminate them then you must choose pest control Bellaria services.

One needs to accept the fact that every chemical does not kill every pest species. For instance, the treatment removing cockroaches may not offer similar results when treating termites.

However, the suggestion is to make utilization of chemicals that eliminates every type of pest without harming your surroundings.

That’s the reason demonstrating why a homeowner cannot prevent pest infestation on their own. Also, they do not possess knowledge on how to use chemicals for controlling pests rather they will land in a troublesome situation.

As per expert recommendation, there are few insects like bees, butterflies, and ladybugs that you may require. Furthermore, these insects promote clean surroundings and do not cause any harm to our living. 

A professional holds years of working experience allowing them to counter any pest infestation in an effective manner.

For example, chemicals prepared with red cedar assist in keeping away dangerous pests like venomous spiders and scorpions. In addition, you must use the chemicals you know about that do not harm the lawn or a healthy environment.

Pest control services in Bellarafollow different pest control techniques for removing pests effectively. A professional pest controller knows how to tackle any sort of pest infestation without causing any negative impact.

Final Words

Eliminating pests not only means utilizing pesticides and dangerous chemicals. However, it’s not easy as it looks because pest control treatment requires thorough knowledge and correct skillset to provide the best results.

Many local stores sell pest control products claiming they offer effective results but in reality, it’s not true. The suggestion is to never use any sort of chemical which can adversely affect your health conditions.

Treating pest infestation need professional approaches alongside utilizing the correct solution. However, you can relax during the pest treatment program and can complete other tasks.

There are certain factors you need to give a thought to and you will get to know that hiring expert pest control services is not a wrong choice to make.

Furthermore, a professional takes complete responsibility to prevent pest infestation. Also, they communicate certain tips that will assist in reducing the chance of pest recurrence. 

To hire pest control services you must book an appointment today. Once you booked the appointment rest of the work will complete by the company itself.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Go For Regular Pest Controls!

Pest Control Bellara

There is a myth that a well-kept, tidy house is always pest-free! But this isn’t true! Pests can find their attractions in your homes for various reasons, and most of them have no link with cleanliness. The common invaders make it obvious to find an entry point to your house, and they have even hide their generations without you even knowing them!

Let’s dig into some details about the reasons behind the importance of pest control to homeowners and why they must consider Pest Control Bellara as essential!

  • Do It Yourself Tricks Do Not Always Work:

Whenever we scroll down the internet, we find many do-it-yourself tricks over multiple tabs and pages. These tricks will thus get your job once for a while but are not the permanent solutions to your problems.

In pests, most of these home remedies are only effective for the surfaces and do not help find hidden gems. This is why you need to go for expert pest control services. They will help treat all the problems for home invasions and help treat and eliminate the invasions.

They know what to look for, how to eliminate, and what all chemicals are the essentials for the same!

  • Real Health Threats Risk:

According to public health professionals, a clean living quality base depends on the three most important factors: vaccines and medications, sanitation, and pest control sessions. Rodents, ticks, mosquitoes, and bugs are the most common form of pests found at the places and hold the risks of transferring terrible diseases.

You cannot yourself predict or see whether these pests are holding the disease or not. The only realization of these diseases is the unstable health problems.

  • Property And Belongings Damages:

These common invaders also possess the risk for property and belongings damages along with health care risks. Termites, the most commonly found pest in every home, can make your furniture hollow and damage its structure.

They are not even visible to the naked eye and can cause heavy damage to your properties. Along with this, beetles and silverfish found in fabrics can also damage your couches, blankets, clothing, and towels.

Thus, Pest control Bellara experts will give you protection against these damages and also will decrease the maintenance costs.

  • Threat To Open Foods:

In houses with pest invaders, it is a threat to keep food items open, as they may get their energy sources from the same. Be it ants, cockroaches, or rodents. They directly attack your food and pantry, making it unsafe and unhealthy for humans’ consumption.

Along with these threats, various other problems might occur due to these pests. Hence, it is mandatory to go for frequent pest control sessions to keep your house safe and healthy.

Are Possums Becoming A Nuisance In Your Yard?

pest control professionals

Have you noticed pots of garden lying here and there when you get up in the morning? Or have you seen significant damage to plants in the garden? If this is the case, you have a high chance of having possum infestation in your yard. While possums are fluffy, loving creatures but their infestation is dangerous for your property. It is not easy to get rid of the possum as laws protect them, and you need to hire professionals like pest control professionals in Bellara. Let us see what you can do to stop them from entering.

Why is possum infestation a problem?

The possums are marsupials and invade your yard in search of food and shelter. They eat plants, fruits, fish, small mammals, ticks. They make their home in patio, crawl spaces, deck, attics, and even a roof. When they infest in your garden, consider calling professionals for effective possum removal. Here are reasons why the infestation of possum requires pest control professionals attention in Bellara:

They create a mess where they live:

Possums go through garbage and overturn the trash cans in search of food. In addition, they create a messy environment and produce a surprising amount of waste. Their urine and droppings leave a stain and an unpleasant smell.

Eat fruits and vegetables in your yard:

While Possums are beneficial for your yard as they consume other pests, they also eat flowers, fruits, and vegetables of the garden when they are hungry.

They have a short life and can die in your yard:

Possums have a high mortality rate with a short life span. When they die in the garden causes an unpleasant smell that attracts other pests and spread diseases.

How to get rid of possums?

Once you are sure about Possum infestation, the next step is getting rid of them. The best way to keep possum out of the garden is to hire professionals Pest Control Bellara. However, other ways of Possums control are:


Possum nets help in capturing them and release them in a safe location away from the garden. In addition, you can also use store-bought baits for possum removal.

Install guard:

Place a fence around the garden to prevent the entry of possums. Alternatively, you can install a high-pitched sound yard guard, a chemical-free, humane approach to repel them from the garden.

Use repellents:

In your garden, grow plants that discourage possums from coming to the yard. For example, they do not like the smell of lavender, agapanthus, and acanthus. Also, garlic spray acts as a repellent.

Pest Control Bellara can protect your garden:

Possums are protected by law, and they are beneficial creatures so, you cannot kill them. If possum problem in your garden is not addressed by placing baits and traps, consider calling Pest control professionals in Bellara to check and safely remove them.

Why It Is Necessary To Choose Pest Control?

Pest Control Bellara

Pest control is necessary specifically for farmers who want to keep their crops safe from pest infestation. It’s true to say that pests can damage the crops adversely resulting in poor production. However, there are various techniques for controlling pests. The professional Pest Control Bellara services will help in preventing pests thoroughly.

There are few techniques like poison spray offering effective results and eliminates pests. Moreover, poison spray can cause harm to the natural surroundings. They can cause severe health-related diseases in the long run. Besides, looking at the other negative sides, poison spray does not offer great advantages. Poisoned bait carries a similar issue and therefore, it is not suggested by professionals.

Techniques like traps work best for treating a specific type of pest. In addition, these techniques do not damage wildlife and do not transmit any disease. Although, this method needs a lot of effort to set up the results are effective. Also, it’s an economical approach for removing the pest.

Other Methods

There are various other technically advanced methods like aerial control. Most importantly, this method is quite expensive and removes pests from their source of origin. Many professional pest control companies in Bellara utilize this method for removing pests.

Apart from these techniques, it becomes important for farmers to prevent pest infestation. Also, it depends upon the organizations in charge for educating the farmers regarding the negative impact caused by pests. As per the studies, pests damage the food every year which is in every high numeric figure. Moreover, the number is very big and one must take preventive steps for controlling pests.

Final Words

Pest Control is very important for promoting clean surroundings and a pest-free environment. Besides, the pest can transmit dangerous health-related diseases. Many individuals have experienced serious health issues due to pest infestation.

This is not that tough for controlling pest damage but it’s something that one must control on a serious note. In addition, controlling pest infestation in the home will consume a lot of time and requires professional assistance. The recommendation is to hire an experienced pest control specialist to effectively eliminating pests.

Choosing professional pest control services is never a bad choice rather it will save your time, effort, and promote healthy surroundings. Also, making utilization of harsh pesticides will cause severe damage to your health.

At last, every individual once in a while experiences pest infestation and lands in troublesome situations. To make your property pest-free, one needs to hire professional services that will secure your home. Moreover, professional pest controller hold years of working experience and know which method will work best for a particular pest.

If you want to hire professional pest control services then the suggestion is to book an appointment today.

Reasons Why Pest Control Is Essential During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Pest Control Bellara

Undoubtedly, coronavirus has taken the world into a storm.  A large number of businesses and organizations are under great pressure about global health and financial crises. However, the major sectors like the healthcare department and pharmacies are working as frontline to fight with COVID-19. 

Besides, Pest control Bellara and other cities are working to kill those harmful pests that are causing diseases, contaminating food, and much more. As per research, approximately 30 important bacteria, viruses, fungal infection, and helminths spread by pests like rodents, cockroaches, and ectoparasites.

In addition, pests like flies, and ticks are becoming a threat to global health. Hence, Pest control is essential during the Coronavirus, not only for homes but also for businesses producing food and medicines.

How Pests Can Impact Business Growth?

Big buildings and less cleanliness always invite pests for their shelter, food, and breed.  The severity of pests has doubled during the lockdown. And if you run a restaurant or any other business that invites direct client contact, pest crawling can deteriorate your image. Furthermore, this can negatively impact your business and people may show their inclination towards the competitors.

Moreover, pests are not only harmful to physical health but also damage buildings to a large extent. For instance, rodents can damage the roofs and contaminate the whole surface with their droppings. The Local pest control in Bellara can help to disinfect all those places.

In the research, it is found that approx 70% of businesses suffered loss during lockdown because of pests’ infestation. Apart from this, it even became the reason for employees’ absenteeism from the workplace, nearly due to illness because of pest infestation.  

This survey shows how important it is to protect your buildings for both lockdown and normal schedule. For all business owners, it is a must to keep their building pests-free and healthy with the Bellara pest control services.

Easy Ways To Control Pests Infestation

Here, we will discuss controlling schemes for the pests. However, each pest requires its own methods.  So, lets’ us take a look below:

  • Always keep your home clean
  • Use lukewarm water and soap to wash well
  • Do check your foods and keep them protected against pests like roaches
  • Keep your kitchen clean and clear
  • Check your trash bin. If it is full, keep it empty.
  • Plant more trees like Tulsi, lavender, grass, marigolds, and mint
  • Check cracks and holes in the house, if they are to fill them.

Final Words

Professional Pest control plays a crucial role to enable potential business growth. With proper sanitation and cleanliness, an infestation can be controlled and provide you with a healthy, clean, and safe place to work and live happily.

What You Should Know About Mice Infestation And Why Professionals Treat Them The Best?

One of the most harmful pests that you never want to see in your house is mice. These unwanted guests are responsible for destroying property, creating unpleasant orders, and spreading diseases like hantavirus. If you continuously see mice at your place, try to deal with the problem as early as possible. Professional exterminators belonging to Pest control  Company in Bellara always suggest hiring professionals to handle mice infestation. 

Here are some important points that you should know about the rodent problem and why contacting a professional is essential. 

Identify The Problem

 The most important thing is to confirm that you have mice at your place. To confirm about mice infestation at your place is to search if you have any mice in your home. If you have observed a single mouse once a year, it’s not a big problem. However, seeing mice regularly indicates mice infestation. You can identify the problem easily as you may find a mouse dropping around your mat, scratching furniture, or eating some leftover or fallen food. Once you have noticed these tell-tale signs, make a plan to eliminate these unpleasant creatures. 

 How To Eliminate Mice

 It is not easy to get rid of rodents if we have made your home a permanent house. If you are thinking of treating them with poison or sticky traps, both ways are dangerous and clumsy, respectively. On the contrary, you can think of giving CO2-powered rodent traps by placing them strategically in your home. Also, ensure you close all the cracks and openings to prevent more mice from coming in. But, this may help for a short time period and is not a guaranteed way! 

Why Calling a Professional Exterminator Is Best? 

 For mice infestation, it is essential to call pest control professionals because they are well trained and know the root of mice problems. Also, these professionals have the right tools and techniques to eliminate all of them from your home. According to the Pest control in Bellaraexperts make sure these rodents don’t come back. 


 Most of the people have mice as a pet in their home. However, these little creatures look good in a cage and not the walls. So, whenever you have a single mouse in your home, try to deal with it as early as possible. If you are able to detect the problem of mice infestation, calling professionals is the only significant solution. 

Tips To Check For Bed Bugs While Traveling

Travelling can be fun if everything goes well. You bring a lot of exciting and refreshing memories with you once you come back from a long-distance journey. As your journey can be tiring, you would think of relaxing for some time at your place. But have you ever thought that you could end up bringing many bed bugs with you! 

 It is unfortunate, but the fact is that many hotels and motels are filled with bed bugs, and most probably, you bring them with you. Professionals who provide Pest control in Bellara have suggested some ways to protect yourself from bed bugs in case you travel. 

Tips To Follow 

Inspect The Bed

Before you get into bed, don’t forget to pull back the covers to check for bed bugs. You can easily locate the adults or eggs if they are hidden into the bed. Also, you will commonly find them at the head of the bed, so check for all the dark spots or exoskeletons which are left behind. Besides, looking underneath the mattress is also advisable. Make sure you use a flashlight to ensure perfect checking. 

In The Furniture

There are chances of finding bed bugs inside the bed, but it does not mean you will not find them anywhere else. Therefore, you should check the chairs, sofas or couches of the place where you are staying. If the hotel is not taking care of the cleanliness regularly, you may also find bugs and equations or pillows. 

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Traveling With You

Keep Your Luggage On Hard Surfaces

Instead of keeping your clothes and other stuff on the bed or couch, store them on the rack or any other hard surface. Another important thing that you can do is to keep your clothes in your suitcase. Also, you can store the items in the bathroom because bedbugs are unlikely to be found there. You can also cover your luggage with a large trash bag to protect all your belongings.  

Dry Your Clothes Immediately After Returning Home 

Heat is the best way to kill bed bugs. So, once you return home, place your clothes in the dryer for around 30 minutes. Moreover, you should keep your luggage outside the house for some time. 


You must have got an idea of why it is important to check for signs of bed bugs. These unwanted guests can any time come with you, so make sure you break their infestation by keeping some alertness. In case you bring any bed bugs with you, the best is to call expert Pest control Bellara to assist you. Only professionals have efficient ways to remove unwanted pests from your place.