Here Are Some Little Known Rodent Facts

Here Are Some Little Known Rodent Facts

When we talk of rodents, most people feel that they are rats and mice only. Well, rodents come in too many variations. They are rats, possums, squirrels, and so many others. People do not know too many things about rodents. Well, if you read the following information, you will know what type of rodents are there and how you can find the relevant information about them.

rodent control
rodent control
  1. Rodents want comfort and food and hence they come to your home

You must keep your home rodent-proof. They might be everywhere and may even be present on your premise. When they get into the cluttered place, they would start staying there. They will find comfort there and then they will stay there for food and shelter. If you make the environment hostile and if they do not get food and comfort, they will leave the place. Thus, you can call for pest solutions and that will help you to find the best options.

  1. Usually, rodents are found everywhere except for Antarctica

If you want to know where rodents are found and where they live then you should know that they live in urban areas, rural areas, mountains, and even on terrains. In winters they would want to hibernate.

  1. Rodents have different life spans

When we talk of rodents, you may feel that they will all have the same life span. But actually, they have different life spans. A rat may live for 1 year. A hamster may live for 10 years and a naked mole rat may live for 30 years.

  1. Rodents may spread harmful diseases

Rodents may spread diseases and this can be mainly due to the germs and bacteria they carry. They live in filth and their body may have lice and other types of little insects. They would then spread diseases and illnesses.

  1. Many animals and birds eat rodents

The rodents have such size that they often become prey for many animals and birds. Thus, many carnivore animals and birds have an eye on rodents.

  1. Know about the largest rodent

The semi-aquatic Capybara is the largest rodent of all.

The above information will not help much in pest removal but yes, these are quite amazing facts that one might not know. Lemmings, Chinchillas, Groundhogs, Marmots, etc are many other names that you felt were just the animals and not the rodents. But yes, they are rodents.


People always consider rats as a rodent. Yes, rats are rodents. But there are many other types of rodents too. In the homes, you will have some specific rodent issues as in possums and rats. You can call for rodent control solutions and this will help you to get the best solutions. You need to find someone who is professional and can offer you the best ideas. It would be tough to get rid of the rodents on your own. But yes, you will have to take some tips and then get ahead. This will give you the best solution.