Are possums becoming a nuisance in your yard?

Have you noticed pots of garden lying here and there when you get up in the morning? Or have you seen significant damage to plants in the garden? If this is the case, you have a high chance of having possum infestation in your yard. While possums are fluffy, loving creatures but their infestation is dangerous for your property. It is not easy to get rid of the possum as laws protect them, and you need to hire professionals like pest control professionals in Bellara. Let us see what you can do to stop them from entering.

Why is possum infestation a problem?

The possums are marsupials and invade your yard in search of food and shelter. They eat plants, fruits, fish, small mammals, ticks. They make their home in patio, crawl spaces, deck, attics, and even a roof. When they infest in your garden, consider calling professionals for effective possum removal. Here are reasons why the infestation of possum requires pest control professionals attention in Bellara:

They create a mess where they live:

Possums go through garbage and overturn the trash cans in search of food. In addition, they create a messy environment and produce a surprising amount of waste. Their urine and droppings leave a stain and an unpleasant smell.

Eat fruits and vegetables in your yard:

While Possums are beneficial for your yard as they consume other pests, they also eat flowers, fruits, and vegetables of the garden when they are hungry.

They have a short life and can die in your yard:

Possums have a high mortality rate with a short life span. When they die in the garden causes an unpleasant smell that attracts other pests and spread diseases.

How to get rid of possums?

Once you are sure about Possum infestation, the next step is getting rid of them. The best way to keep possum out of the garden is to hire professionals Pest Control Bellara. However, other ways of Possums control are:


Possum nets help in capturing them and release them in a safe location away from the garden. In addition, you can also use store-bought baits for possum removal.

Install guard:

Place a fence around the garden to prevent the entry of possums. Alternatively, you can install a high-pitched sound yard guard, a chemical-free, humane approach to repel them from the garden.

Use repellents:

In your garden, grow plants that discourage possums from coming to the yard. For example, they do not like the smell of lavender, agapanthus, and acanthus. Also, garlic spray acts as a repellent.

Pest Control Bellara can protect your garden:

Possums are protected by law, and they are beneficial creatures so, you cannot kill them. If possum problem in your garden is not addressed by placing baits and traps, consider calling Pest control professionals in Bellara to check and safely remove them.

Why it is necessary to choose Pest Control?

Pest control is necessary specifically for farmers who want to keep their crops safe from pest infestation. It’s true to say that pests can damage the crops adversely resulting in poor production. However, there are various techniques for controlling pests. The professional Pest Control Bellara services will help in preventing pests thoroughly.

There are few techniques like poison spray offering effective results and eliminates pests. Moreover, poison spray can cause harm to the natural surroundings. They can cause severe health-related diseases in the long run. Besides, looking at the other negative sides, poison spray does not offer great advantages. Poisoned bait carries a similar issue and therefore, it is not suggested by professionals.

Techniques like traps work best for treating a specific type of pest. In addition, these techniques do not damage wildlife and do not transmit any disease. Although, this method needs a lot of effort to set up the results are effective. Also, it’s an economical approach for removing the pest.

Other Methods

There are various other technically advanced methods like aerial control. Most importantly, this method is quite expensive and removes pests from their source of origin. Many professional pest control companies in Bellara utilize this method for removing pests.

Apart from these techniques, it becomes important for farmers to prevent pest infestation. Also, it depends upon the organizations in charge for educating the farmers regarding the negative impact caused by pests. As per the studies, pests damage the food every year which is in every high numeric figure. Moreover, the number is very big and one must take preventive steps for controlling pests.

Final Words

Pest Control is very important for promoting clean surroundings and a pest-free environment. Besides, the pest can transmit dangerous health-related diseases. Many individuals have experienced serious health issues due to pest infestation.

This is not that tough for controlling pest damage but it’s something that one must control on a serious note. In addition, controlling pest infestation in the home will consume a lot of time and requires professional assistance. The recommendation is to hire an experienced pest control specialist to effectively eliminating pests.

Choosing professional pest control services is never a bad choice rather it will save your time, effort, and promote healthy surroundings. Also, making utilization of harsh pesticides will cause severe damage to your health.

At last, every individual once in a while experiences pest infestation and lands in troublesome situations. To make your property pest-free, one needs to hire professional services that will secure your home. Moreover, professional pest controller hold years of working experience and know which method will work best for a particular pest.

If you want to hire professional pest control services then the suggestion is to book an appointment today.