Tips To Check For Bed Bugs While Traveling

Discover essential tips for checking for bed bugs while traveling and keep your Bellara adventures pest-free.

Travelling can be fun if everything goes well. You bring a lot of exciting and refreshing memories with you once you come back from a long-distance journey. As your journey can be tiring, you would think of relaxing for some time at your place. But have you ever thought that you could end up bringing many bed bugs with you! 

 It is unfortunate, but the fact is that many hotels and motels are filled with bed bugs, and most probably, you bring them with you. Professionals who provide Pest control in Bellara have suggested some ways to protect yourself from bed bugs in case you travel. 

Tips To Follow 

Inspect The Bed

Before you get into bed, don’t forget to pull back the covers to check for bed bugs. You can easily locate the adults or eggs if they are hidden into the bed. Also, you will commonly find them at the head of the bed, so check for all the dark spots or exoskeletons which are left behind. Besides, looking underneath the mattress is also advisable. Make sure you use a flashlight to ensure perfect checking. 

In The Furniture

There are chances of finding bed bugs inside the bed, but it does not mean you will not find them anywhere else. Therefore, you should check the chairs, sofas or couches of the place where you are staying. If the hotel is not taking care of the cleanliness regularly, you may also find bugs and equations or pillows. 

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Traveling With You

Keep Your Luggage On Hard Surfaces

Instead of keeping your clothes and other stuff on the bed or couch, store them on the rack or any other hard surface. Another important thing that you can do is to keep your clothes in your suitcase. Also, you can store the items in the bathroom because bedbugs are unlikely to be found there. You can also cover your luggage with a large trash bag to protect all your belongings.  

Dry Your Clothes Immediately After Returning Home 

Heat is the best way to kill bed bugs. So, once you return home, place your clothes in the dryer for around 30 minutes. Moreover, you should keep your luggage outside the house for some time. 


You must have got an idea of why it is important to check for signs of bed bugs. These unwanted guests can any time come with you, so make sure you break their infestation by keeping some alertness. In case you bring any bed bugs with you, the best is to call expert Pest control Bellara to assist you. Only professionals have efficient ways to remove unwanted pests from your place.